Saturday, May 17, 2003

I think we Americans need to learn why NASA is keeping the Shuttle disaster investigation secret.

I saw this story today.

"Nelson wants full disclosure of shuttle probe"
U.S Sen. Bill Nelson (D - FL). said he will seek full disclosure of information gathered in the Columbia space shuttle investigation, even if Congress has to use its subpoena power to get it.

The Columbia Accident Investigation Board has offered confidentiality to the more than 200 witnesses interviewed so far as part of its military-style investigation into what caused the shuttle to break up over Texas on Feb. 1.

But Nelson and other senators are pushing for access to all critical information from the investigation.

"I come from an experience of open government in Florida, and the thinking there is, `The more that's in the sunshine, the more the truth is going to be there,'" Nelson, D-Fla, said Friday...

MY TAKE ON THIS: Rove/Cheney/ Bush will fight this...because:

NASA no doubt told the administration of the potential of a shuttle break up upon reentry, days before the fatal event.. They were obligated to so by long standing Government and Congressional legislation. Many other Government and Military agencies are on a list of agencies or individuals who must also be notified and kept in the loop.

I believe:
The administration decided to prevent the information from becoming public. The decision was made to keep it secret in part, so as to avoid the spectacle of the whole world watching the Shuttle re-enter the atmosphere and burn up on live world wide TV. This spectacle had it occurred, would have taken place at the peak of the pre Iraq war push by the administration.

Additionally the administration made certain that NASA did not take any steps to prevent the disaster. Doing so would have revealed the possibility of a problem to the media and hence the public. This is critically important. If evidence surfaces that decisions were made not to attempt a rescue, then the entire scandal will blow open.

This is a huge problem for the administration because one of the ways the American people will, view this revelation, is to blame Bush for not attempting any kind of rescue. For Bush to know about the potential for disaster, and take not action, is unconscionable in the eyes of most Americans. Keeping it secret is perhaps not a crime but a serious breach of trust. Far worse than Clinton’s finger waving sex denial press conference.

Once it sinks into the heads of the media stupefied American sheeple, that Rove/Bush did this to make sure nothing distracted us from their War agenda, the entire thing will turn on the administration and take the form of a fire breathing dragon. Scorching everyone involved and creating a firestorm likely to consume the administration’s reelection chances.

All it will take to blow the lid off this scandal is for the right people to begin asking the right questions.

- When was the White House notified of the video that showed the foam hitting the wing?

- Did the Astronauts notify NASA during or after take off that they felt the impact or hear something.

- When did the Astronauts start communicating with NASA about concerns that the Shuttle might have sustained some damage?

- When was the white house notified of a potential problem with the shuttle?

- What information was relayed?

- What was the White House's response?

- What steps did the White House take?

- Why did the White House not notify the American People? (silver bullet imho)


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