Friday, June 20, 2003

(GOP) Congressman chides Bush on Iraq contracts, leadership
June 20, 2003 - BY LYNN SWEET Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON--Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R-Ill.), who travels to Jordan and possibly Baghdad this weekend, said the Bush administration must figure out an "exit strategy" on Iraq, quickly install Iraqis in key positions and end non-emergency, no-bid reconstruction contracts.

"I am impatient about seeing an Iraqi face on this government," Kirk said Thursday.

"We need to see Iraqis running Iraq," Kirk said. "When do I see a national police chief? When do I see a minister of health? When do we expect to see an interim government?

"I am very frustrated that on television so far, we are only seeing Americans, and we want to see Iraqis," he said.

His impatience and criticism of the Bush administration are telling, coming from one of the lawmakers the White House deputized to help sell the war authorization vote to Congress.

Kirk, who represents a North Shore district, also said he was concerned about the number of one-source contracts the United States is signing through the Agency for International Development that are not urgent and required no bidding.

"Now that the emergency phase is over for Iraq," Kirk said, "I want to as much as possible go back to regular order, competition in contracting and acknowledge that the lowest price, highest performing bidder won."


Nice to see someone on the GOP side speak out and say the obvious.



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