Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Even the most basic cash register creates an audit tape/log of each transaction and the date / time of same. So even if there is no receipt to compare against, the log establishes the transaction record.

These machines do not.

No audit trail means there can be no audit or recount

If you can fix an election, why would you not?

The GOP in congress has allowed the voting technology companies to own the software that count our votes. They have allowed the companies to claim trademark and business secrets rights over that code so it can not be subject to scrutiny. This effectively means that the very mechanism used to count our votes is held by a small group of GOP right wing radical business interests, funded and spurred on by the GOP mob in Congress. How convenient for them.

We're hosed here people.

No way this can be turned back by Nov 04. FLA set the tone by mandating just the other day, that there can not, and will not be any recounts for oprecincts using the touch screen machines. And the justification they use is simply brilliant.

Bush will win in Nov and there will be nothing we can to to change it then or now.

Read for yourself :

Wired News: The Computer Ate My Vote


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