Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor
The Crisis Papers
May 11, 2004

It's an old story: Satan picks up the phone and calls St. Peter to challenge Heaven to a baseball game.

"Of course, we'll play," says Peter. "But have you forgotten? We have all the great baseball players."

"That may be so," replied Satan, "but we have all the umpires!"

John Kerry and his Democratic party face a similar problem: They may have the votes, but the other side has the machines that record and count the votes. How can the Democrats win?

A win over the Bushevik regime is not impossible, but it will be difficult and it will require considerable persistence and initiative.

Here are a few suggestions. No doubt, many who read this article will have still better ideas. Send them to us, ( and we may follow this up with a compendium of the best of those proposals.

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Get over there and read the above article!

Here is an excellent post over at SmirkingChimp by upu8:

VNS' sudden, inexplicable cessation of exit polling on election day showed me that not only was "the fix in", but that the Repugs were no longer afraid to flaunt that fix. This obvious and appalling elimination of the last remaining check on voting accuracy should have been cause for massive outrage by the American electorate. Instead--nothing happened at all and most Americans still don't even know about this event. Our democracy was already on 'life support' after the machinations of Coup 2000, but those of 2002 sounded the horrifying drone of 'flatline'. If an election can be stolen and the evidence of that theft is itself stolen with no repercussions, it may well be over for America as a democratic republic.

The problem of exit polling is that the Repugs have the upper hand and they will not accept ANY exit polling as valid, no matter who does it or how extensive and expertly it is done. This is obviously a partisan issue with them since they have systematically blocked all efforts to institute verifiable paper trails, so they will ignore, dismiss and deride any exit polling as well.

I'm afraid that only a supermajority that is impossible to scam will suffice in the 2004 election. This is going to be like winning against the homecoming team with the Devil's refs mentioned in the article giving the home team all the calls.

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