Monday, August 30, 2004

Greg Palast on how Theresa LePore ...

Greg Palast on how Theresa LePore is making sure she gets to count the ballots in her own re-election campaign:

This time, Theresa's in a hurry to get to the counting. She began tallying absentee ballots on Friday in her own re-election race. Not to worry: the law requires the Supervisor of Elections in each county to certify poll-watchers to observe the count. But Theresa has a better idea. She refused to certify a single poll-watcher from opponents' organizations despite the legal requirement she do so by last week. She'll count her own votes herself, thank you very much!
And so far, she's doing quite well. Although 37,000 citizens have requested absentee ballots, she says she'd only received 22,000 when she began the count. Where are the others? Don't ask: though she posts the names of requesters, she won't release the list of those who have voted, an eyebrow-raising deviation from standard procedure.

And she has no intention of counting all the ballots received. She has reserved for herself the right to determine which ballots have acceptable signatures. Her opponent, Democrat Art Anderson, had asked Theresa to use certified hand-writing experts, instead of her hand-picked hacks, to check the signatures.

Unfortunately, while Federal law requires Theresa to allow a voter to correct a signature rejection when registering, the Feds don't require her to permit challenges to absentee ballot rejections.

I know what you're thinking. How could Madame Butterfly know how people are voting? Well, she's printed PARTY AFFILIATION on the OUTSIDE of each return envelope. That certainly makes it easier to figure out which ballot is valid, don't it?

And dear Reader, please take note of the implications of this story for the big vote in November. Millions have sought refuge in absentee ballots as a method to avoid the dangers of the digitizing of democracy. Florida and other states are reporting 400%-plus increases in absentee ballot requests due to fear of the new computer voting machinery. Some refuge. LePore is giving us an early taste of how the Bush Leaguers intend to care for your absentee ballot.


For the uninitiated, this is the woman who designed the infamous Butteryfly Ballot in the 2,000 election that cost Al Gore the election. Of course to be fair it's only one of the many ways the state of Florida swung the entire election to W.

$100 says they do it again...


At 12:17 AM, Blogger BadGimp said...

LePore is TOAST!

Thank you Floridians!

Completed Precincts: 693 of 693 (100.00%)
Vote Count Percent
Arthur 'Art' ANDERSON 91,134 51.45%
Theresa LEPORE 85,601 48.32%
WRITE-IN 402 0.23%
Total 177,137 100.00%


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