Thursday, June 05, 2003

The Return of Class War
Bush and the new tyranny of the rich.

By Michael Kinsley
Posted Thursday, June 5, 2003, at 7:14 AM PT

The fall of communism 14 years ago was not the end of history, despite Francis Fukuyama's famous prediction. It was, though, pretty much the end of the argument, in most of the world, about the best way to organize society. The answer (despite quibbles over the details and a surprisingly resilient minority preference for theocracy) is democratic capitalism.

...Democracy presumes and enshrines equality. Capitalism not only presumes but requires and produces inequality. How can you have a society based on equality and inequality at the same time? The classic answer is that democracy and capitalism should reign in their own separate "spheres" (philosopher Michael Walzer's term). As citizens, we are all equal. As players in the economy, we enjoy differing rewards depending on our efforts, talents, or luck.

... The recently enacted tax bill is such a shocking and brazen gift for the wealthy that it is hard to describe in anything short of these cartoon-Marxist terms. After two Bush tax cuts, consider how we now burden people at the bottom and at the top of the economic ladder.


I read recently that the fisrt tax cut the administration eneated, targeted as businesses, combined wiht the effect of so damn many corporations miving their paperwork hdqtrs off shore, resulted in corporations paying 43% less taxes in 2002 than in 2001. Remember 2001 was when 9/11 occured. So did that massive tax break stimulate the economy? Did it trickle down? I don't see the signs that it did either.

And can someone explain why single or non married people get zip? Are we not human? Are we not Taxpayers? FARK!



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