Friday, February 27, 2004

Missouri Secretary of State, Matt Blunt will set rules for voting by touch screen

By Jo Mannies
Post-Dispatch Political Correspondent

Any touch-screen voting machines used in Missouri elections must also churn out a paper ballot so voters can review them in the booth, says Secretary of State Matt Blunt in an announcement slated to go out today.

Blunt's edict is aimed at local election authorities who want to replace their punch-card ballots with the machines. But in St. Louis County, where authorities are considering a switch, the top election official says the mandate could prove costly.

However, Blunt says that's not the issue. "This requirement will enable voters to review their ballot before it is cast to ensure that it was marked as intended," he said in a statement made available Thursday to the Post-Dispatch.

The paper ballots also would serve as a backup if a machine fails or a recount is needed, he said.

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Now this is a positive development!


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