Monday, March 29, 2004

Vote Crime - The Mugging of America

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Vote Crime - The Mugging of America
by Faun Otter

Did you know that the number of votes cast on touch screen machines in some precincts in the California primary last month exceeded the number of voters registered?

Move along, nothing to see here.

This ballot disaster was reported in the LA Times on March 9, 2004. As always, our do-nothing media have not bothered to investigate or report on it since that date.

"In 21 precincts where the problem was most acute, there were more ballots cast than registered voters."

The article includes a chart of the names of precincts, the number of registered voters, the number of votes cast and what percentage of turn out this represents. Here are just two typical precincts from amongst the many listed:

Kaiser Elementary 91 264 290%
Costa Mesa 681 60 9%

Shh, don’t tell anyone (although the Diebold and ES&S vote machine makers already know)
here is a recipe for using this type of "error" to commit an unprovable vote crime:

condt.................. (Link)

This is a must read's a letter from a reader of Bartcop but man is it a bute.



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