Friday, April 23, 2004

Yahoo! News - Maryland Group Sues to Upgrade E-Voting Machines: "Maryland Group Sues to Upgrade E-Voting Machines"

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By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Maryland voters' group said on Wednesday it planned to force the state to add printers to electronic voting machines to ensure they can be double-checked after a disputed election, such as the 2000 presidential vote.

The group said it would file a lawsuit on Thursday to force state officials to stop using the machines until they fix software to keep out hackers and add printers to produce paper receipts.

"These machines are vulnerable to human error, computer malfunction and fraud," said Linda Schade, co-founder of the Campaign for Verifiable Voting in Maryland. "We are talking about the system, of course, by which we will elect the next president of the United States."

Maryland officials should stop using their machines until manufacturer Diebold Inc. . fixes programming to make the software more secure and adds a printer to each machine, said Ryan Phair, an attorney with Kirkland & Ellis who will handle the lawsuit.


Receipts are fine but a audit trail which provides a way to do a recount is the main requirement AFTER taking the software out of the hands of the Diebold types.


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