Thursday, May 27, 2004

Solano County ends e-voting contract with Diebold - Posted 5/27/2004 12:41 AM

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (AP) — Nearly a month after touch-screen voting machines were banned in four counties, Solano County supervisors voted to terminate a contract with Diebold Election Systems.
Last month, Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned Diebold e-voting machines in Solano, San Diego, San Joaquin and Kern counties in the November election because he said a lack of a paper trail made them unreliable.

Ten other counties that use older electronic voting equipment must meet nearly two dozen conditions in order to use their touch screen machines this year.

Diebold, based in North Canton, Ohio, had offered to pay for an optical-scan system for November's election as a temporary backup if Solano County would continue its $4.1 million contract to use the e-voting machines in the future.

"They wanted to mend the contract," said Supervisor John Silva. "But my feeling was enough is enough."


Enough is Enough indeed!!


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