Monday, October 25, 2004

Even with a paper trail you could not do a recall.

Even with a paper trail you could not do a recall.

the problem is 2 fold:

1) The software that counts the votes does not produce an internal audit trail. There is no log of what votes were counted. The damn things only tally numbers. They do not record who voted, when and for what. That is the essence of an audit trail. Without that there can be no recount.

Once the machines are finished the election day, they are hooked up to a computer in the precinct and the tallies are uploaded. Then the machines are wiped clean...poof goes the proof.

The computers upload to the state level computers which report the results.

2) The software is secret and not open to inspection or forced to comply withy any standards for accuracy or security.

If you wanted to steal an election you'd do it this way:
- You'd get GOP Congress to write legislation allowing that the machines not produce an audit trail, and allowing the companies to keep the source code used to count the votes secret.
- You'd then give the contracts to GOP controlled companies.

This way if the software allowed manipulation of the results the truth could not come out and you could do what you wanted and never get caught.

No audit trail, no public disclosure of the very mechanisms used to count our votes.

Congratulations America. While we slept they put in place the technology and mechanisms to endue GOP control of Congressional, Senate and Presidential elections for a generation to come, unless of course we take over this process from them.

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