Thursday, June 05, 2003

Agency Faults Haste of Missile Defense Development
A rush to field a system by 2004 may result in unworkable technology, the GAO says.
Los Angeles Times - By Paul Richter, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration's breakneck effort to field a rudimentary missile defense system by 2004 is moving so fast that the Pentagon may end up with unworkable hardware that needs to be redesigned at a steep cost, Congress' independent watchdog agency warned Wednesday.

In the first official, unclassified challenge to the administration's plans, the General Accounting Office issued a report saying that the Pentagon's use of new and little-tested antimissile technology puts the program "in danger of getting off track early and impairing the effort over the long term."

If parts of the system don't work, the report said, the Pentagon "will be faced either with fielding a less than credible system, or likely spending more money in an attempt to develop the desired capability within the time allowed."

The administration is hurrying to field by Oct. 1, 2004, a system that will be based in Ft. Greeley, Alaska, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Los Angeles, and intended to shield the country from an intercontinental ballistic missile attack.


A brain dead cat could have explained this to the administration. So it's obvious this is not about defending us but enriching themselves and their friends.

What's really needed in this country now is a Defense Shield for Democracy. Something to protect us from them.



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