Saturday, May 29, 2004

CNN Suing Florida to Obtain 2004 Voter Purge List

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WOODRUFF: In Florida, county election boards are reviewing a list of state felons to determine if they will be properly denied the right to vote in November. Well, today, CNN sued the state for a copy of the list claiming the information should be made public, four years after Florida was at the center of a disputed presidential election. CNN and the public were invited to view the documents and state election headquarters in Tallahassee, but were prevented from making copies or from even taking notes. Civil rights advocates charge that in 2000, thousands of eligible voters were prevented from casting ballots because they were improperly listed as felons.

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Interesting indeed - I will stay on this to see if CNN gets anywhere.

Florida continues to be the hot bed of this kinda crap. Jeb Bush has so massively corrupted Florida politics to support his brother. This man needs to be tried, convicted and sent to prison. Real Prison!


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